#37 – Twitter Wars, Sustainability and Hill Farming with Gareth Wyn Jones

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Gareth Wyn Jones a hill farmer, T.V personality and an advocate for agriculture from Wales. In this episode we talked about meat and dairy and the real affects farming have on the environment. The 27,000 acre commonage which Gareth farms on and has farmed on for a number of years!

We delved into the topic of animal rights activists, the shocking marketing ploys they have used in order to manipulate people who are less knowledgeable about food production and what we can do about it.

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#36 – Calf Health, Blogging and Horrible Bosses with Alice the Calf Girl

If you’ve been a fan of The Agricast for awhile then this weeks guest needs no introduction as we’ve talked on the podcast a few times before. Alice Hodges is a 25 year old dairy farmer originally from England who now lives and works in Kildare calf rearing and relief milking on a number of farms.

We had a fantastic conversation about different topics such as her new blog which she launched a few weeks ago surrounding her work and her farm life which is very interesting! We also talked about her experience working on a farm and she gives great advice on how to build your reputation in the industry, what you should expect when working on a farm and any red flags to look out for when working for somebody. COVID has been the topic on everybodys mind for awhile so we also touched on the stress its causing people and how because of it Alice unfortunately wasn’t able to go home to her family as planned.


Alice’s Blog

The Calf Girl Website

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#35 – Keeping Calves Alive, YouTube Fame & Owning 29 Tractors with Farmer Phil

This week I had the pleasure of taking to Phil Stewart or as you may know him better on YouTube as Farmer Phil. Phil runs a big operation with his Dad along with the rest of his family and between his main tractors and his growing collection of vintage tractors he has 29 in total! They also farm 500 acres which is split between a dairy to beef operation and tillage. Phil also makes YouTube videos and now has over 36,000 subscribers!

We had a great chat about the awful year that 2016 was for tillage farmers and how the Stewart family had to get out of suckler cows to be able to keep the ship afloat, calf rearing, how automatic feeders work and how to keep them alive and turn a profit on them. We also talk about Phil’s YouTube channel, how he first started putting up farm simulator videos to be the next farming version Pewdiepie and how he’s handling his newfound fame.


Farmer Phil YouTube

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#34 – Dairy Farms of the Future, Wool Prices & Henry the 8th – Best of 2020 part 2

In this weeks episode we take a final look back on some of the best clips that 2020 brought us. This episode includes a clip from Mags Little where we talked about sex semen, we also take a look back on Dr. Shane Conway’s episode where we he talked about generation renewal, Tommy the vet was telling us about Vision Farming and there are plenty more great clips in there as-well.

We hope you enjoy our snazzy new titles also, we certainly enjoyed coming up with them and you can look forward to new interviews coming every week from next Sunday on, enjoy!

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#32 – Christmas Trivia, Branding and Using Tinder to Watch Netflix – 2020 Christmas Special

Merry Christmas to all our lovely listeners! We hope you had a good one, this week we talked to Joanne Devaney, Alice Hodges and Sean Roddy. In this Christmas special we talked about what farming was like during this different year and we played a interesting Christmas quiz which you can play along with at home!

Not long now until the New Year and next week we will upload our part 2 of the best of 2020. We hope you enjoy this episode it’ certainly full of laughs!

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#31 – Droughts, Lambing and Farming Injuries – Best of 2020 Part 1

This week we are taking a look back on some of the best bits from 2020. This episode is split into two parts with the second one going up just after New Years. Next week we will have a alcohol fueled Christmas special so be sure to tune in for a episode filled with laughs. 

Thank you for all the support throughout the year and next year is going to be even better! We have some great guests planned so it’s sure to be a whopper of a year, enjoy!

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