Productivity, African Swine Fever and Animal Rights Activists with Shane McAuliffe

Shane McAuliffe is a Pig Farmer with 2,000 Sows on Four Different Farms in Kerry along with being the Director of his Family’s Milling Business, Beef and Tillage Farms. He Works Part-Time with Easyfix as their International Swine Business Manager & is the Secretary for the Irish Pig Healthy Society, the Irish Pig Producers Trust &  the Irish Branch of the European Pig Producers Group, Along with being Involved in Many other Organisations.

In this Episode we talk about the Importance of Education & also the Benefits of Working for Someone Else. We talked about Productivity  & how Shane manages to Fulfill so Many Roles, along with a Daily Tip on how he is able to Stay so Productive & to make himself More Effective! We also talk about the Irish Pig Industry & how it went from being Inefficient and Unprofitable to being Renowned all over Europe for how Well it’s Performing.  We finally then talked about the Importance of Social Media in the Agri World Today. 




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Battling Burger King, GMO Crops and Getting 3 Million Views Per Month with Michelle The Farm Babe

Michelle Miller, AKA The Farm Babe, is an American Keynote Speaker, Social Media Influencer, Columnist for AGDAILY.com and Farms 2000 Acres in Iowa. Starting off her Social Media Outreach 5 Years Ago, Michelle has Built an Outstanding Reach of 3 Million Views Monthly.

Today we Discuss GMO Crops to Animal Rights Activists and Michelle gives us the Inside Scoop on her Recent Battle with Burger King and their Unjust Portrayal of Beef Farmers.



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#13 – Henry Andrews

Henry Andrews is an English Beef Farmer and the Founder and Owner of the Carbon Neutral Beef Company.

Instagram – @the.carbon.neutral.beef.company


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