Eweknit Brand Story

“I was embarrassed to be a farmer….”

How’s she cutting? It’s Karol.

You might know me as the owner of Eweknit and the Host of The Eweknit Farming Podcast where I regularly interview. some of the top people in the Ag. Industry.

I’m a passionate farmer and business owner and I love what I do.

The truth is, however, I wasn’t always this proud of who I am.

When I was 12 years old, I started school in the local town.

Most of the students were “Townies” as we used the call them.

There were very few farmers and any that were kept it quiet.

I was amazed years later to discover that some people had been farmers all along.

In a town school, being a farmer meant that you were different.

You were a buff, or a bogger, or even a sheep sh****r.

Back then I was young and vulnerable and I just wanted to fit in.

I remember my Dad picking me up from school 1 day in wellies and mucky clothes.

I was so embarrassed, I wanted the ground to swallow me.

But gradually, I became more comfortable with it. I couldn’t change who I was, so I just began to accept it.

I enjoyed farming, so I started to own it. There are great things about being brought up on a farm.

Being able to look after animals, the toughness and work ethic you develop, being able to earn money at a young age. I remember selling a sheepdog for 700 euros when I was 16, I thought I was rich!

A strange thing began to happen as I began to own the fact that I was a farmer. People started accepting it. They could sense that I had nothing to hide. The names didn’t have power over me anymore.

It was a big lesson for me, realising that the world will accept the judgement you place on yourself.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m a farmer and I own a successful brand for farmers called Eweknit.

I made Eweknit to be a celebration of farming, the best and most important job in the world. What would people eat without us!

Our aim is to create great content and great gear for farmers. Tough and comfortable enough to wear while working but stylish enough to wear out and about.

So you can show everyone that you’re a farmer and proud of it. People might even presume that you’re a wealthy one too!

I would love for you join the hundreds of farmers already in the Eweknit family.

Celebrate farming with us, the best job in the world.